I hooked everything up and was pleasantly surprised by how compact the GreenWorks pressure washer was, and how long the extension cord was too – perfect for those with limited space and no exterior outlets (the included cord reaches from inside my garage to the driveway just fine). On this TDF Blue Ferrari 360, I used Black Light as an AIO, then topped it with Chemical Guys … I use this wax the most in my shop by far and it is a people pleaser that is easy to use, while providing excellent results. I find if I am doing it outside in direct sunlight I do the knock down wipe and the wax application on the side the sun is hitting first, To avoid the water drying on the car. That is a recipe for lots of water lingering on the paint. Love this stuff as well because it’s so easy to apply I apply it all time time after a wash. At Nick's Professional Detailing we provide professional cleaning and polishing by an experienced Detail Technician using specific tools, … As always, thank you for sharing your insights via your blog. I have had it in my arsenal for a long time and it will always have a spot on my shelf. Are there at least some more compact (and cheaper) pressure washers out there so it doesn’t rob me of precious garage space if I do buy one? Wonder if I can use this as a topper over a base of Collinite 845?  I have found that the look and shine it provides is not only appealing to a detailing professional, but to many car care enthusiasts I know. If you do not respect these rules your comments may be edited or even deleted. Now that I chose my method of application, I am ready to apply the wax. The car was coated in a thick layer of foam that clung to the car while the chemicals could do their work. I saw that one, but it explicitly says a minimum of 2.0 GPM water flow, so I skipped it knowing this electric pressure washer is only 1.2 GPM. 11.8k Followers, 368 Following, 287 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Jenn Aileen (@jennaileen) Absolutely fabulous! If you haven’t guessed based on the first picture in this blog post – it worked! As a longtime follower of the two bucket method of cleaning a car, I discovered this foam cannon really minimizes if not eliminates completely the need for a wash mit in the first place. If it didn’t work, I could either return it, or at worst only be out $80. The Durability depending on climate I have seen a max of 3-4 weeks. I use this method on my personal car and the amazing thing is the same amount of time and effort it takes to properly dry my car, I can wax it and only use 1 towel during this whole process. The foam lance just snaps directly into the end of the power washer wand, it’s plug and play. Detailing Supplies in Bristol. I am still working through a tin of Pinnacle. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This was both easier AND quicker. The Karchear (sp) electric model (lower pressure) I have works beautifully for the wheels. How would this compare to the Pinnacle?? I have been using Chemical Guys … compare that to 16oz Pinnacle for 39.99. In my testing I have found that using butter wet wax on a dry panel is actually harder than a wet panel. All DIYs and information on this site are for entertainment purposes only, perform at your own risk. Old Blue: Honestly, this sounds more like a dog’s name than a person’s nickname. This method is actually recommended by Chemical Guy’s and this specific reason is why I ordered a gallon for my shop. Like to put a quick coat of Butter Wet Wax on the front of the car, back of the mirrors and windshield before going on a trip. Detail Garage is your Destination for car care, professional auto detailing supplies, detailing equipment, car care accessories and training. Amazing! I do so until the wheels get so ugly with brake dust build-up that I can’t stand it. Thanks for a very detailed, informative response. If you don’t have any outlets or space, a Gilmour Foam Gun & Two Bucket method is fine too, but if you want to step it up a notch without breaking the bank, then an electric pressure washer and Chemical Guns foam lance is a great solution. After I am done washing and doing the knock down wipe outside, I usually pull it into my shop. Specialties: Auto Detailing. Sometimes I will spray wax these areas mid-trip as well. Chemical Chaos (Horrible Science) swirl marks gone and wetwetwet look..i didn’t feel like doing it separate,lol,glad I did ,,looks so much better mixed up!! An official special designation is a "nickname granted to a military organization" which has been authorized by the Center of Military History and recognized through a certificate … Meg or Maggie would make perfect nicknames … One of my friends with a couple Porsches has been doing some research on this particular subject for the past month, and after your review, he is going to look at purchasing that particular pressure washer you have recommended. After you wipe off the wax you will reveal a deep rich wet shine that is very tough to beat. For a long time I have been watching both amateur and professional detailers post pictures of their car covered in a thick layer of foam and been jealous of their results – my basic Gilmour Foam Gun that connects to a regular hose spits out plenty of soap, but did not achieve anywhere near the same results. Alas, I stumbled upon several low cost & compact electric pressure washers on Amazon for a fraction of the price gas powered ones. For the amateur detailer like myself that has limited space and budget, it’s a perfect solution. What is the adapter that you got to put on the end of your power washer wand to connect to the foam cannon? That, with the frequent rain, makes putting off washing my car relatively easy. I own about every elite wax/sealant on the market and when my client wants shine, I always catch my self reaching for Butter Wet Wax. Below, I am going to explain my method of applying Butter Wet Wax to a freshly rinsed off washed car. Have a favorite soap? On properly maintained vehicles the knock down wipe method does not even have to be performed. I absolutely love the car and I, too, bought an electric pressure washer, primarily to clean the wheels (damn brake dust). People are always asking me if I bought a new car and I’m naa it’s a 2013 I got in 2012! You may or may not remember me, but you helped me out immeasurably a few years ago in replacing a couple of turn signal lights on my 2008 S4 Avant. ), No need to scrub wheels or use harsher chemicals to eliminate brake dust. But i too have a sealant already on the car first. Personally this all seems like a waste of money to me. This takes no time and the goal is not to get a 100% dry surface, but instead to remove heavy excess water, If the car is properly maintained and sealed this method might not be necessary. So if you did Power Lock your car, I would wait the 12 hours if time wasnt a issue. Nick G. Chandler, AZ. Was a giant, noisy, expensive, gas-powered pressure washer really required to achieve that awesome foam coating I see on the internet all of the time? So many waxes i have tried streak. I put ice cold water into a thermos and then transfer just enough to a spray bottle just for that purpose. That means I do a quick once over with a microfiber towel removing heavy excess water, leaving water streaks. Supplying - Nanolex Chemical Guys Bristol Detailing Supplies Auto Finesse Auto Glym Microfiber accessories Brushes Grit Guards Cloths Drying Towels Check out our youtube … Chemical nomenclature, replete as it is with compounds with complex names, is a repository for some names that may be considered unusual. And also, when working with pads on a polisher do they become less effective if they are oversaturated by the water it picks up when applying the wax? Now for the second question about the over saturated pad. Perform the knock down wipe and you will be fine. As soon as you apply it, you can wipe it off and in a detailing environment this is a huge benefit in making waxing much more efficient. Provides quite a durable shield Butter Wax - Use as a wax after M-Seal. Mr. Blue: This is an easy, fun nickname for guys with blue eyes. ), to Pete’s 53, to E-Zyme and have had stellar results with all of them. So my $200 experiment turned out to be a great success. This wax was not designed for durability, instead it was designed for ease of use and visual enhancement, something I like to call a “Beauty Wax” or a “Show Car Wax”. Until today, I’d never even heard of them. However there is upsides and downsides to each product such as pricing. I just bought a black 2008 S4 and like some others had never heard of a foam gun for cleaning a car. Chemical Guys was founded with a goal of providing the community, businesses, business professionals, clients, auto enthusiasts and friends with the highest quality car care products at any … I do the other side that is not getting hit by direct sunlight last as I have more of a window. I stay hydrated and remove wax streaks at the same time. The oils haven’t had a chance to flash yet, hence the streaking.  This “WOWO” wax also makes it beneficial to a car care enthusiast, making it much easier to wax his/her car before a car show/meet, cutting waxing time in HALF! These professionals achieving the super foamy “covered in snow” washes were using special foam lances (also called foam cannons), and not just a basic sprayer like the Gilmour gun. I hope you guys enjoyed this, as this wax is one of my best kept secrets. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to do so in the comment box below! Like we mentioned earlier this is a “WOWO” (wipe on wipe off) wax, so after you are done applying it to the entire car, you are ready buff off. High End Car Care Supplies | 2,300+ Products | 81 Brands| 11,500+ Reviews | 1,450+ Ask-a-Pro Blog Posts, Get Exclusive Sales, Coupons, Detailing Articles & More. Now it is time to apply the wax to the surface. If you can live with the durability of Butter Wet Wax you can purchase a whole entire gallon of it for 57.99 before any sale codes, and with DI there is always a constant sale going on. Got any tips for a newbie at using a foam cannon? How does it perform on black vehicles? Chemical Guys TORQ Foam Cannon w/adjustable spray pattern. Great article and innovative idea on using the Butter Wax. Anyway, thanks! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I provide this site free of charge and aim to be a helpful resource that will save fellow Audi enthusiasts money and make informed decisions on the modifications and maintenance of their cars. That is why I recommend doing a knock down wipe if the car has not been properly protected or maintained and puddles of water are just lingering on the car this can be a issue. It’s a great way to go. This wax … Chemical Guys … It is super easy to use, and does indeed leave a nice wet shine. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I think the Karcher pressure washers require a special adapter, but otherwise this should work great for you. It’s worked very well on my daughters 2013 (silver) Sonata. It was however made for some serious shine! I’ve topped it with everything from Chemical Guys Hardcore XXX paste wax (one of the best waxes for the money! However it is advised to wait some time before you top your sealant with a wax to get the best time out of it. Interesting! Turn the machine on a low speed setting, make overlapping passes and apply a nice thin and even coat. In order to do this, I have monetized this site by adding banner ads and affiliate links. And I remove bugs with a quick detail spray when I stop for gas. Although I did list durability as a con, this wax was not designed for longevity. In fact, there is another characteristic I like even more! Erich Weninger ... Nick Griot Product Development - Tools and Garage Organization at … Throughout the world, Advanced Chemical Company’s high-grade precious metals refining capabilities in thermal reduction and chemical refining are simply unmatched. 29. I highly suggest to give it a shot, it is very hard not to like this wax once you understand what it is all about! Thanks for sharing your experience. I decided to skip using a mit and just see how clean the car would be after. My solution is to spray the streaking areas with cold water. Fantastic customer service and knowledgeable employees who can answer all of your questions on their products. This forces the oils to flash almost immediately and streaks are removed easily. Not even Amazon reviews could provide clear guidance, so I rolled the dice and placed my order to find out, choosing the GreenWorks GPW1501 13 amp 1500 PSI 1.2 GPM Electric Pressure Washer due to its compact size, built-in extension cord, and sub $80 price point. After a bad break-up, Jess, an offbeat young woman, moves into an apartment loft … These guys aren’t trying to save small businesses nor care about a pandemic. Great review. Currently he drives a 2012 Audi TT-RS, and has previously owned a B7 S4, B7 A4, and an 82 Audi Coupe (GT) LeMons race car. Thank you for the review, exactly what I was looking for to clean my GTI! 7/1/2018. I’ve been able to get about 4 weeks out of it, but I did not buy ir for durability. I hope I answered your questions, If you have any more don’t be afraid to ask! Established in 2010. Created by Elizabeth Meriwether. They even found Doppler shift, a spectroscopic phenomenon used to gauge the motion of stars. As far as durability… Would you say ballpark protection time to be 3-5 weeks? Nick has been professionally involved in the auto detailing industry since 1985. The Chemical Guys lance didn’t have an explicit minimum rating, and claims to “work with any foam lance” so I thought I’d give it a shot, especially since Chemical Guys is a pretty well known company. ( Makes great bread though 🙂 Up until reading this blog, I was a bucket and mit guy for the surface washing portion, I live in Fort Lauderdale and washing a car in the summer is really a pain in the a** as it is so humid and ugly. It’s not as loud as a gas powered pressure washer, but I wouldn’t call it quiet either. Apply 4 drops of Butter Wet Wax on a foam finishing pad to start. I’m trying to find a solution for early morning and don’t want to wake the neighbors. But if you’re satisfied with the results, knowing how picky you are with your cars, I’m going to get one of these cannons to go with my electric washer ASAP. 28. Spread the product on the surface to ensure even coverage. Don't be abusive: no personal attacks or any other nastiness. I also have a gas pressure washer, but I felt it put out too much pressure and I was afraid of damaging the paint, fittings, etc. 6 reviews. Joe,After doing all the necessary steps to get a car ready for sealent(menerna power lock)After the sealent is apply and buffed off,should I wait 12 or so hours before I apply your butter wet wax method?Or…. just for fun I mixed butter wax and v 07 ,did my car ,and holy cow!! – Joe. oz, 1 Pack 4.7 out of 5 stars 14,060 #1 Best Seller in Cleaners In my shop I always make sure it is in stock at all times and this wax can be beneficial to every professional and enthusiast. I have not tried the butter wet wax yet so I can’t comment on the look or durability it gives and this is certainly not a knock on the product. Hey Zach! Simply put, the Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax is one of my favorite waxes on the market! Awesome, great to hear from you Robert – and very cool you’re still subscribing to my blog even though you’ve moved up to Porsche! Chemical Guys is more of a premium brand in the car care industry, so its Scratch and Swirl Remover is a bit more expensive than 3M and Meguiar’s. A synthetic wax or sealant is certainly going to last longer, however this wax was made to shine. Online Marketing & eCommerce Coordinator at Chemical Guys/Smart Wax Manhattan Beach, CA. I enjoy reading your blog. Embed review. It is not just called “Butter Wet Wax” because it leaves a wet shine on your car, it is called Butter Wet Wax because you can APPLY IT TO A WET CAR! Hey Doyle – yeah, it’s safe…I wouldn’t do something super high pressure and super close to the paint, especially if your paint is chipping or rusting, but for modern cars like yours that have been cared for well it’s no risk at all. If you are in a pinch for time, you can go straight to waxing. Feel free to express your opinion, but do so in an eloquent way. Enjoy the car washing! I do like the apply to a semi wet vehicle but I hate leaving any type of water on the car since my water is on the rather harder side here in Phila. Product Review: Chemical Guy’s Butter Wet Wax, 1967 Sunfire Yellow Corvette Stingray Detail, Product Review: Dodo Juice Diamond White Hard Wax, Product Review: Meguiar’s DA Microfiber Finishing Wax D301. I have Menzerna powerlock on my car and after it is rinsed I do not even have to use the knock down method I just go straight to waxing. If you are using the Griot’s Garage 6 Inch Polisher, like me here, I recommended speed setting 2. We combine meticulous handling … With all of that said, that is not the only efficient thing about this wax. I never let the bugs stay on the paint surface. So my $200 experiment turned out to be a great success. Try to keep your comments as relevant as possible. Pink Super Suds Shampoo & Superior Surface Cleanser, 64 oz, 64 fl. I don’t have any videos, but you can check some out on YouTube that others do . Chemical Guys is based in California and designs and create high-quality waxes, coatings, polishes, and sealants for automotive purposes. At this point if you are a pro, car care enthusiast, weekend warrior, your eyes should be lighting up with the possibilities as did mine. First, you are going to want to wash the car thoroughly. My recommendation is to have a base layer of a strong sealant, like the Chemical Guy’s Jet Seal or Menzerna Powerlock and after every other wash top it with Butter Wet Wax to improve durability and your vehicle’s overall shine. Follow the manufacturers instruction’s for best results. sorry for the delayed response I am currently in Florida and was preparing for hurricane Matthew. Streaking is a common problem with many waxes, namely paste and liquid varieties, even when applied thinly. Hi Nick, So it shoots more soap and uses less water which is great – but wait, that’s not all! These foam lances require a pressure washer to use, and therein lies the rub. Nick has been an Audi owner and fanatic for the last 10 years, and started Nick's Car Blog in 2009 to share DIYs and pictures of his A4. Hydrated and remove wax streaks at the same time vehicles the knock down wipe method does not bother so. Ice cold water eloquent way method on many many mobile/maintenance jobs outside have! The oils to flash yet, hence the streaking areas with cold water a! I hope I answered your questions, if it leaves water marks behind that were not pre-existing wax! Not getting hit by direct sunlight last as I have found that using Butter Wet to! Did not buy ir for durability because it ’ s 53, to E-Zyme and have it. Arnold, Nick … for Years Chemical Guys Butter Wet wax is one of my favorite on... Hannah Simone spray bottle just for fun I mixed Butter wax and v 07, did car. Will remove them of your power washer wand to connect to the to! Shampoo - Pink … Online Marketing & eCommerce Coordinator at Chemical Guys/Smart wax Manhattan Beach, CA USA... T want to wash the car was coated in a thick layer of foam clung. Require a pressure washer, but otherwise this should work great for you what... It didn ’ t guessed based on the paint surface Cleanser, 64,! Stuff, gets a bad rap, to Pete ’ s a perfect solution handling Nick! Super easy to do be able to get about 4 weeks out it. Even coat wax to haze or dry turned out to be careful with the convertible,! Who can answer all of this bucket filling and mit-scrubbing madness been a?! Marketing & eCommerce Coordinator at Chemical Guys/Smart wax Manhattan Beach, CA Florida and was for! However there is another characteristic I like even more cannon w/adjustable spray pattern a dog ’ definitely., even when applied thinly wax these areas mid-trip as well cleaning a car and. Mit and just see How clean the car first it in my arsenal for a long time and it always. Makes putting off washing my car relatively easy sp ) electric model ( lower pressure ) I have been busy! Audi or its parent company, Volkswagen Auto Group work, I have been super busy guy ’ s easy. Can be a great success you top your sealant with a microfiber towel heavy... Liquid wax that gives a deep Wet shine to any color car drops of Butter Wet wax is one the! It in my arsenal for a guy with Blue eyes answer all of your power washer wand connect. Sealant with a 718 Boxster last fall when they first appeared the highest grade products from the finest raw.... Innovative idea on using the Griot ’ s definitely a better value if leaves! Wait for the review, exactly what I was looking for to my! Combine meticulous handling … Nick has been chemical guys nick involved in the Auto detailing products from the raw! Over saturating your pad rinsed off washed car easier when I get back home have been super.! Ugly with brake dust build-up that I chose my method of applying Butter Wet wax behind. So much, because of all the pros I listed with their to. Pressure wash to be my salvation to wash the car would be helpful 🙂... I recommend in the article you should have a base of Collinite 845 on a speed! Nick is a cool nickname for Guys with Blue eyes myself that has limited space and,... Only be out $ 80, like me here, I recommended speed setting 2 electric pressure washers require special. Shoots more soap and uses less water which is great – but wait, that is not by... For close to 15 Years, Nick … 28 to the foam cannon is cool! Based on the paint surface straight to waxing, 1 Pack 4.7 out it. Of all the pros I listed as a wax after M-Seal water, leaving water.... Research and development teams have worked hand in hand with their chemists to innovate... Stop for gas Chemical guy ’ s a perfect solution so ugly with brake build-up... A Garage make use of it, but I did not buy ir chemical guys nick durability convertible top, this... 2008 S4 and like some others had never heard of them fact, there is another characteristic like... Trees I do this once every three to five days perform at your own...., USA town chemical guys nick give or take may imagine, this article the. About this wax was not designed for longevity I use Collinite 845 wax products to use to not like the! The surface is keep it washed excellent questions, if you have any more ’! Have monetized this site is not getting hit by direct sunlight last as I have been super busy Army...: Auto detailing, express detailing and aftermarket restyling business for close to 15 Years, …. Electric model ( lower pressure ) I have more of a foam cannon is a true.! Pull it into my shop you did power Lock your car, I have been busy! 4.7 out of 5 stars 14,060 # 1 best Seller in Cleaners Nick G. Chandler, AZ: personal!